The first impressions created by a business can often be formed before your clients step in the door. Well-presented and attractive grounds speak to your professionalism and commitment to excellence in all you do. Conversely, if your commercial premises are surrounded by bland and boring views, then it’s likely that’s how you’ll be seen too.


  • Ready sources of materials such as brick, gravel, rock or stone, concrete, timber, bitumen, and block paving.
  • Pedestrian town centres
  • Constructing and re-surfacing existing footways
  • Sourcing and commissioning bespoke outdoor furniture
  • Installing outdoor lighting
    • Spotlights, street lamps, security and ambience lighting
  • Installing water features:
    • Lakes, ponds, riverbeds, fountains, waterfalls and cascades.


  • From being very competitive in our pricing through to the completion of our work, GFL are able to win your approval.
  • We are one of the most respectable groundworks companies in our field of activities.
  • With our grounding in land reclamation and remediation, we know exactly what is realistic within your budgets and timeframes, and will plan accordingly. 
  •  Expertise in civil engineering, including underground, surface and foul water drainage systems and below surface-level foundations. 
  • We are staffed with specialist tradesmen throughout, meaning we can deliver the required quality and finish from the design specifications, for every trade, through to the completion of every project. We are equally experienced working on a sub-contracting basis to help your project team at any stage of the delivery process.